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Signal Hill ft. Vertigo Senses

from by Californialite

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do you know the feeling
when life's serene enough
to the point you could be dreaming
and you miss reality, wanna wake up?
I met a girl once, she puts her hair up
she idolizes Lux Interior, she's a fine one
she's not around much, but I don't mind it
for company, I got a mask that keeps the sun off of my eyelids
without her, I would still strive for success
but what's the journey worth without someone to share the prize with?
every few years I'll run into her
for a while she was dating him, now she's dating that girl
sometimes she wears her red-dyed hair in curls
we took a walk on the beach once, she showed me her world


by then, we'd been in it together for quite a long time, her and me
exploring the boundaries stuck between madness and the sea
sincerely an overdose of reality to those of weak will
seeking pleasure as the horizons spill sherbet into the sky
falling into the night
I can sense my sight's taken
I can feel the ice breaking as she's making me feel like more of a man
each day in every way
I gotta hand it to the lady, got me goin' crazy
should I stay or should I go?
so many destinations but she's the only place I know
I wonder if she'd take it personal if I took a vacation
I can feel the pressure, seconds being wasted


she drives me crazy
she's so sadistic when she sedates me
drags me by the balls across the floor and then she plays with me
mind games are her specialty 'cause she comes off so endearing
she's got two tongues and only one tongue piercing


'cause she's a nasty little girl, dirty but beautiful in her own way
canvas covered in illustrations, sunflowers in her dark alleyway
probably seen sadder days, lonely Saturday nights
she chooses to splatter brains leaving no evidence in sight


now I'm sure as hell shellshocked
hellshockin' the ice block between me and this conversation
staring at the clock
waiting 'til it hits six hours and 66 minutes
wondering if it rings nine times when I hit it
thinkin' about the way the light hits it
about all the sad songs inside it
I'll die before I letcha feast your eyes on it
I could care less what you summon
why don't you go back to your brunches and luncheons?


'cause your motive's unknown
feeding on the intellect of innocence
corruption in your system, but that's not exactly breaking news
I'm paying dues, like my debt to society
sobriety no longer on my mind as I climb the skyline
just to get high with you one last time
and fully pick apart your pieces, undressing you with my eyes, so fine
I can hear the song of the siren
as the flashing lights drive by


from It, released November 1, 2016
Jack Ryan - Synth/Bass
Nate Garner - Saxophone
Jarred Fehrenbach - Trumpet
Vertigo Senses - Fire Bars



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Californialite Long Beach, California

Always Dancing

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