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Ram's Blood (Surreal)

from by Californialite

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I just heard life is a lie [surreal]
can't hear your thoughts, but you can hear mine [surreal]

dead inside
you told me you are too, so there's nothing left to hide
come a little closer to the edge with me
you call me crazy, well maybe the fuck I am
but it's too late, you're inside
I don't know what's happened to me
defibrillate my mind at the cost of my integrity
that sounds fine by me
let me just numb myself first
it's a long way down, but I know
I got to, need to get away from the light fast
blind 'til night
it makes no sense to me

you're the fucking devil, woman [surreal]
hot water feels cold in the mid-morning [surreal]
I just want this all to be over [for real]
tie the cord, kick the chair, now watch me heal [good is evil]

I'm so paranoid
stop in the middle of the street and run
it's a cult bruh, and they're coming to get me
fertility, C.A.C.C.
visions of you at the center of an orgy in the library
I can see, I can see
I can see patterns in the Nth degree
it's all about G-theory
the feeling, the flavor
do me a little favor
shut your fucking mouth, because
everything you say makes my ears bleed
I can see, I can see
get the fuck off of me

three fingers get the spirit out
doused like a light, she's suppressed
but there's doubt
your mother's god in your house
compromised by black magic, that you're sure about
I want out, I want out
your grin's making me nervous now, that and all these fucking flowers
you've taken all my power
that I probably never had to begin with
I never bothered
what's my fucking problem?
I've got a whole lotta words, and there ain't shit behind 'em
I'm in pieces, go and find 'em
I got three months left 'til i get back my Honda


from It, released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Californialite Long Beach, California

Always Dancing

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