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April Is The Cruelest Month

from by Californialite

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walls are closing in, then they all fall to the ground
the threat has never been so real, my body might never be found
my thoughts are leaking out of my head, my world's no longer safe and sound
the only thing that's going to help me now is a bullet in the mouth

the only thing that keeps me alive
is a devil in the crosshairs, two eyes in the sky
a third one inside, a flame in a jar
I ripped off the lid, and the room filled with fire
and it smashes through a glass cage
burns the masquerade of innocence
inhibitions, expectations, cast away
realize the masked game we play
is just a new interpretation of the same old plague
before I could think, the world became so small
before I can blink, I see it all

that shit you can't un-see
spent the last few years trying to snap back like a bungee
what the fuck's wrong with me?
with every day I feel a little less alive
'cept when that fire burns bright in my insides
said it all, therefore I said nothing clearly
now they're more delirious than me
I feel like a million dollars during hyperinflation
when it takes a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a pack of reds
only solace left in nothingness
look me in the eyes
I am become death

voices in my head keep screaming
I can't even hear myself breathing
world is changing, this ship is sinking
sky is falling, everything's burning
don't think for a second that I can't see it
every day of my life I can't escape it
my world is changing, this ship is sinking
no one's the person they used to be


from It, released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Californialite Long Beach, California

Always Dancing

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